Saturday, 25 June 2016
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Military honours awarded in the Queen's Birthday Honours list (continues on second page)


Knight Commanders

Lieutenant General Gordon Kenneth MESSENGER, CB DSO* OBE RM

Lieutenant General John Gordon LORIMER, DSO MBE, late The Parachute Regiment


Knight Commanders

Vice Admiral Ian Fergus CORDER

Lieutenant General Andrew Richard GREGORY, CB, late Royal Regiment of Artillery

One star appointments are on page 2

Air Commodore M Quigley to be promoted Acting Air Vice-Marshal and to be Director Technical in the Defence Equipment & Support organisation with effect from 1 April 2016.

Air Vice-Marshal G M Waterfall CBE to be Chief of Staff (Operations) in the Permanent Joint Headquarters with effect from 16 May 2016 in succession to Air Vice-Marshal S D Atha CB DSO whose next appointment is yet to be announced.

Air Commodore C R Elliot CBE to be promoted Acting Air Vice-Marshal and appointed Chief of Staff Personnel and Air Secretary, Headquarters Air Command in July 2016 in succession to Air Vice-Marshal D J Stubbs OBE, who is retiring from the Service

Air Vice-Marshal S C Gray OBE to be Air Officer Commanding No 38 Group, Headquarters Air Command with effect from 16 June 2016 in succession to Air Vice-Marshal T L J Bishop CB who is retiring from the Service.

Air Vice-Marshal J A Young CB OBE to be promoted Air Marshal and to be Chief of Materiel (Air) in the Defence Equipment & Support Organisation and Chief Engineer (Royal Air Force) with effect from 29 April 2016 in succession to Air Marshal S J Bollom KBE CB who is leaving the Service. In addition, Air Vice-Marshal Young is appointed to the Air Force Board as the Air Member for Materiel on the same date.

Lieutenant General Gordon Messenger CB DSO* OBE is to be promoted General and appointed Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, in succession to Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach GBE KCB ADC DL in Spring 2016;

Vice Admiral Sir Philip Jones KCB is to be promoted Admiral and appointed First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, in succession to Admiral Sir George Zambellas GCB DSC ADC DL in April 2016;

Air Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier KCB CBE DFC is to be promoted Air Chief Marshal and appointed as Chief of the Air Staff, in succession to Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford GCB CBE ADC in July 2016;

Lieutenant General Sir Christopher Deverell KCB MBE is to be promoted General and appointed Commander Joint Forces Command, in succession to General Sir Richard Barons KCB CBE ADC Gen in April 2016

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