Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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Former Afghanistan commander attacks MoD over armoured vehicles
A former commander of British forces in Afghanistan has attacked the Ministry of Defence for keeping hundreds of armoured vehicles "parked up doing nothing" when they are desperately needed by commanders in Afghanistan.
The Telegraph

MoD outsourcing plan shot down
Ministers are set to water down a radical recommendation to outsource management of the 13bn defence equipment and support budget, which was part of an independent review that was "suppressed".
Financial Times

Defence companies set to fight for MoD contracts

Britain's defence companies are preparing plans to pitch this week for one of the biggest contracts to be handed out by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The Times

U.S. Navy: Nuclear Cruiser Could Be Cheaper Than Non-Nukes

A U.S. Navy draft study has concluded that operating a nuclear-powered cruiser could be cheaper than operating a non-nuclear ship, but the Government Accountability Office (GAO) is disputing that assessment.

Defense News

Torpedoes power into next decade with new support contract

The UK's torpedo industry will benefit from a ten-year support contract following a 370M deal with BAE Systems. It covers all aspects of support and maintenance for the heavyweight Spearfish torpedoes that arm Britain's submarine fleet.

MoD Press Release

MoD clarifies Ridgback situation

The nine Ridgback armoured vehicles stranded in Dubai are not scheduled to enter operations until late this year, the MoD has said, hence the reason they have been in Dubai for the last month.

Defence Management

Confusion surrounds F-35B and C

Minister for defence equipment and support Quentin Davies has come under attack after he refused to clarify the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF or F-35) situation. It has been widely reported that the MoD will drop the F-35B variant and buy the F-35C variant instead. Davies has refused to confirm or deny this rumour, creating what the Conservatives have labelled as damage to industry.

Defence Management

U.S. defense review under way in Arizona

The Pentagon Sunday began its biennial session to review military matters with regional and local officials in Arizona, officials said.


Russia to spend $15 bln on armed forces in 2010

Russia will spend 470 billion rubles ($15 billion) on arms, equipment and maintenance of its Armed Forces in 2010, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said on Friday.

RIA Novosti

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