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Obituaries published in The Times of London unless otherwise stated

Sergeant (later Pilot Officer) Ray Grayston 13 October 1918 - 15 April 2010
One of the last surviving "Dam Busters", shot down during raid on Dortmund -Ems canal

Diana Home 2 March 1920 - 27 March 2010
Wartime WAAF officer who ferried aircraft from factory to squadron

Richard Rutter MM 10 February 1925 - 30 March 2010
Stormed a German strongpoint in Normandy using an empty Bren gun as a club

Wing Commander John Mejor DFC 12 July 1921 - 24 March 2010
Aerial defender of Malta

George Henry Lane (Dyuri Lanyi) MC 18 January 1915 - 19 March 2010
Hungarian born wartime commando who also worked for SOE, captured in 1944 and questioned by Field Marshal Rommel

Ian Innes Milne CMG, OBE 16 June 1912 - 17 February 2010
Royal Engineer recruited into MI6 in 1941 on recommendation of traitor Kim Philby

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