Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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Defence report 'not suppressed'
Defence minister Quentin Davies has denied claims ministers suppressed a report saying billions of pounds has been wasted in defence procurement.
BBC News

Defence jobs at risk as MoD reject Rolls-Royce fighter engine
Up to 750 British defence manufacturing jobs are at risk as the Ministry of Defence is preparing to reject a Rolls-Royce fighter engine in favour of a cheaper American model.
The Telegraph

Cobham benefits from acquisitions

Defence firm Cobham saw profits and revenue surge for the half-year thanks to acquisitions made last year and favourable currency rates. The group also announced today that current chief operating officer Andy Stevens will become the new chief executive, succeeding Allan Cook with effect from 1 January, 2010.


QinetiQ appoints David H Langstaff as independent non-executive director

QinetiQ Group plc, the technology-based services and solutions company, is pleased to announce the appointment of David H. Langstaff as independent non-executive director to the QinetiQ Board with effect from 5 August 2009.

QinetiQ Press Release

Japan considers new North Korea missile defence

Japan is considering removing a key plank of its post-war pacifist defence policy to allow its forces to shoot down missiles fired by North Korea towards the US.

The Telegraph

Chavez to buy Russian tanks over U.S. troop buildup in Colombia

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said at a press conference the country plans to buy weapons and Russian tanks over a possible increase in U.S. military personnel in neighboring Colombia.

RIA Novosti

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