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Commodore J H J Gower OBE Royal Navy to be promoted Rear Admiral and to be Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Nuclear & Chemical, Biological) on 28 November 2011. This is a new post.

Commodore M J Parr Royal Navy to be promoted Rear Admiral and to be Assistant Chief of Naval Staff in succession to Rear Admiral P A Jones on 2 December 2011.

Commodore T P Fraser Royal Navy to be promoted Rear Admiral and to be Defence Reform (Maritime) Implementation Team Leader, Navy Command Headquarters in January 2012. This is a new post. He is then to be appointed Senior British Military Adviser, US Central Command in succession to Major General C Chapman in September 2012.

Commodore H H Parker Royal Navy to be promoted Rear Admiral and to be Director (Precision Attack) in succession to Rear Admiral A M Hussain CB on 6 February 2012.

Cdre M W Westwood to head aviation study wef Sept 2011
Cdre S J Woodcock OBE to succeed Cdre M P Mansbergh as Director Naval Personnel wef March 2012
Cdre MP Mike Mansbergh CBE to succeed Cdre T M Lowe as Cdre Maritime Warfare School wef March 2012 
Cdre H R Sanguinetti to be Asst Chief of Staff J2 at Pemanent Joint HQ wef January 2012

Cdre T M Lowe to succeed Cdre P A McAlpine OBE as Dep Flag Officer Sea Trg wef Feb 2012

Cdre P A McAlpine to succeed Cdre J M L Kingwell as Commander UK Task Group wef Feb 2012

Cdre J M L Kingwell to succeed Cdr B J Key as Dircetor Naval Resources and Plans wef Nov 2011

Cdre B J Key to succeed Cdr M J Parr as Principal Staff Officer to CDS wef Nov 2011

Brig T J Bevis RM to succeed Brig Ged Salzano as Commandant Commando Training Centre wef May 2012

Col D C M King OBE RM to be Brigadier and Asst C of S Land Littoral Manouevre wef April 2012 (succeeding Brig P R Denning OBE RM)

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