Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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Pentagon in third attempt to award $35bn tanker contract
The Pentagon is set to restart a much delayed and controversial $35bn competition to replace the US Air Force's ageing fleet of air refuelling tankers, marking its third attempt at letting the contract.
Financial Times

Defence groups in 20bn dash to beat the cuts
The defence industry is pushing the Government to sign equipment contracts worth up to 20 billion in the next few months, in an attempt to prevent the projects becoming a victim of cost-cutting next year.
The Times

Defence academy plan is approved

Planning permission for a new defence training academy which will create thousands of jobs in the Vale of Glamorgan, has been granted. The 12bn project at St Athan will give specialist training to all the armed services.

BBC News

BAE has 6 days to settle UK bribery case

British prosecutors want BAE Systems to plead guilty and agree to a substantial fine by Sept. 30 over allegations of bribery and corruption or face possible criminal prosecution, sources close to the case in Britain and the United States said on Thursday.


MoD announces 408m upgrade for RAF Chinooks in Afghanistan

RAF Chinook helicopters operating in Afghanistan will receive a 408m upgrade to deliver more powerful engines and more advanced, digitised cockpits - the MOD announced today. This upgrade will include a 128m contract which will give the whole Chinook fleet a significant boost by fitting a more powerful engine, enabling the Chinooks to operate more effectively in the hot summers and high altitudes of Afghanistan.

MoD Press Release

A400M 'will fly before the year is out'

The A400M will fly before the year is out, according to Airbus. The military transport has been plagued with all sorts of problems and many observers doubted that it would ever see the light of day but Airbus insisted that it was currently fitting engines and propellers to the plane and these would be tested in November.

Defence Management

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