Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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Carriers versus tanks: Royal Navy joins battle for resources
The commitment to spend 20 billion on a replacement for Britain's Trident nuclear submarines risks damaging the Royal Navy as it faces possible cutbacks in its manpower and fleet, defence experts have told The Times.
The Times

Pentagon chief fires head of F-35 aircraft programme
US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has sacked the marine general overseeing a $40bn (25bn) project to build the next generation strike fighter jet.
BBC News

Raytheon secures UAE defence contract
The UAE has agreed to buy Maverick air-to-surface missiles from American defence contractor Raytheon. The $170m contract will provide the production and life-cycle support for more than 500 of the AGM-65D/G2 infrared-guided missiles.

Obama seeks record $708 billion in 2011 defense budget
President Barack Obama asked Congress to approve a record $708 billion in defense spending for fiscal 2011, but vowed to continue his drive to eliminate unnecessary, wasteful weapons programs.

US missile test of 'Iran or North Korea' attack fails
A US missile defence test designed to shoot down long-range missiles was aborted when the radar system failed.
BBC News

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