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Major General Nick Carter CBE, DSO, currently Director-General Land Warfar to be Commander Field Army in rank of Lt General January 2012. Succeeds Lt Gen Sir Barney Whyte-Spunner

Brigadier N D Ashmore OBE to be promoted to Maj General and be Head of Strategic Asset Management and Programme  Team, Defence Infrastructure Organisation August 2011

Air Cdr Clive Bairsto CBE to be acting Air Vice Marshall wef 18 July, on loan as Director of Integration and Readiness for 2012 Olympics

Air Cdre R J Atkinson ADC to be Head Joint Doctrine (Air & Space) at Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre 28 September 2011

Brigadier D.M. Chalmers, Late PWRR, Commander, 12 Mechanised Brigade, September 2011
Brigadier E.J.R. Chamberlain, Late Rifles, Commander, 19 Light Brigade, December 2011
Brigadier J.F.P. Swift, Late R. Welsh, Commander, 20 Armoured Brigade, May 2012
Brigadier R.J. Thomson, Late Rifles, Commander 38 (Irish) Brigade, December 2011
Brigadier F.G. Gedney, Late Scots DG, Deputy Commanding General Transition, United States 1st Infantry Division, October 2011
Brigadier R.J.A. Stanford, Late WG, Chief Joint Fires and Influence Branch, Headquarters Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps, March 2012
Brigadier S.L. Humphrey, Late RA, Commander Royal Artillery, Headquarters 1st (United Kingdom) Armoured Division, May 2012
Brigadier I.B.L. Jones, Late RE, Commander, 8 Force Engineer Brigade, October 2011
Brigadier R. Wardlaw, Late RE, Chief Engineer, Headquarters Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps, March 2012
Brigadier J.J. Cole, Late R Signals, Commander, 11 Signal Brigade, December 2011
Brigadier R.J. McNeil, Late RLC, Commander, 101 Logistic Brigade, July 2012
Brigadier A.S. Dickinson, Late RE, Head, Army Resources and Plans, October 2011
Brigadier I.G. Harrison, Late RA, Brigadier, General Staff, March 2012
Brigadier A.J.P. Bourne, Late RGR, Director Plans, Headquarters Land Forces, July 2012
Brigadier J.R. Free, Late RA, Director Manning (Army), Headquarters Land Forces, December 2011
Brigadier R. Haldenby, Late RA, Assistant Chief of Staff J7, Permanent Joint Headquarters, July 2012
Brigadier J.R. Hockenhull, Late Int Corps, Head Military, International Policy and Planning, March 2012
Brigadier J.C.W. Maciejewski, Late Rifles, Capability Director Combat, Headquarters Land Forces, September 2011
Brigadier P.D.P. Hankinson, Late RTR, Commander, 43 (Wessex) Brigade, September 2011
Brigadier G.H. Wheeler, Late R Welsh, Commander, 143 (West Midlands) Brigade, June 2012
Brigadier P.M.L. Napier, Late R Welsh, Commander, 160 (Wales) Brigade, September 2011
Brigadier J.E. Richardson, Late R Signals, Commander, Germany Support Group and Rhine Garrison, February 2012
Brigadier S.J. Downey, Late Yorks, Director Land Warfare, Land Warfare Centre, September 2011
Brigadier A.G. Hill, Late R Signals, Head Information Superiority, Headquarters Land Forces, January 2012
Brigadier P.J. Allison, Late RTR, Commander, Joint Air Land Organisation, May 2012
Brigadier E.M. Flint, Late R Signals, Chief of Staff, Headquarters Support Command Planning Team, September 2011
Brigadier M.P. Maer, Late PWRR, Chief G2, Headquarters Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps, March 2012
Brigadier R.J. Cripwell, Late RE, Head of Defence Intelligence Operations, Defence Intelligence Services, January 2012
Brigadier M.C. van der Lande, Late LG, Head, Reserve Forces and Cadets, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Personnel and Training), February 2012
Brigadier M.R. Goldsack, Late Rifles, Director Equipment, Headquarters Land Forces, April 2012
Brigadier R.H. Talbot Rice, Late WG, Head of Combat Tracks Group, Land Equipment, Defence Equipment and Support, April 2012
Brigadier R.E. Parkinson, Late RLC, Director Logistics (Army), Headquarters Land Forces, September 2011
Brigadier A. Deas, Late RLC, Deputy Chief of Staff Combat Service Support, Headquarters Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps, June 2012
Brigadier N.P. Moffatt, Late AGC(SPS), Head of Pay and Manning, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Personnel and Training), March 2012
Brigadier S.J. Shirley, Late RLC, Deputy Chief of Staff Support, Headquarters Rapid Reaction Corps France, September 2011
Brigadier T.D. Hyams, Late RDG, Director of Personal Services (Army), Headquarters Land Forces, July 2011
Brigadier M.J. Gaunt, Late REME, Head of Individual Capability Group, Land Equipment, Defence Equipment and Support, August 2011
Brigadier E.D. Brown, Late RGBW, Commander, British Military Mission (Kuwait), January 2012
Brigadier P.J.A. Baker, Late RLC, Defence Attaché Baghdad, November 2011
Brigadier J.H. McIntosh, Late RAMC, Director Medical Capability (Army), Headquarters Army Medical Directorate, September 2011

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