Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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Lieutenant-General J. J. C. Bucknall, CBE, Late Coldstream Guards, whose appointment to be Commander Allied Rapid Reaction Corps in August 2010 has been announced, to be Deputy Commander International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan, in succession to Lieutenant-General Sir Nick Parker, KCB, CBE, in November 2010.

Brigadier C. Chapman (Late Parachute Regiment), currently Head of Counter Terrorism and UK Operations, Ministry of Defence, to be Senior British Military Adviser United States Central Command, in the rank of Major-General, in succession to Air Vice-Marshal G. E. Stacey, MBE, in September 2010.

Royal Marines

Major General D. A. Capewell, OBE, to be appointed Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Operations) in succession to Air Vice Marshal A. D. Pulford, CBE, RAF, with effect from August 23, 2010




C. W. Owen, Late Kings, to be Assistant Head Armed Forces Bill Team Discipline, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Personnel), from September 2010;

R. C. Couzens, RA, to be Assistant Head of Deep Target Attack Capability (Joint Land Forces Engagement), Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Capability, from September 2010;

N. R. M. Borton, Scots to be Assistant Director Organisation, Headquarters Land Forces from Jun 2010;

G. R. Le Fevre, Late Int Corps, to be Assistant Director G2, Headquarters Land Forces, from December 2010;

I. A. Horn, APTC, to be Vice President Army Officer Selection Board from May 2010;

G. H. F. S. Nickerson, Late SG, to be Programme Support Office Team Leader, Land Equipment, Defence Equipment and Support, from August 2010;

M. C. Neate, Late RA, to be British Liaison Officer to the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, British Defence Staff (United States), from July 2010;

R. J. Wakefield, RA, to be Senior British Liaison Officer Germany from April 2012;

I. J. Bayless, Late RA, to be Branch Head, Defence Planning Land, Headquarters Supreme Allied Command Transformation from Oct 2010;

A. H. Johnstone, Late R Signals, to be Section Head (Operational Assessment Section), Joint Assessment Branch, Joint Force Command Brunssum from September 2010;

G. K. Gibbs, Late RE, to be Assistant Head Joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search Staff, Headquarters Land Forces from May 2010


Brigadier C. R. Elderton, Late RLC, retired on May 15, 2010


C. R. M. Stagg, Late Scots DG, retired on May 2, 2010;

S. Jackson, Late QRH, retired on May 3, 2010;

M. C. D. Montagu, Late LI, retired on May 4, 2010;

C. H. D. Darell, Late KRH, retired on May 14, 2010;

S. F. Boyd, Late AGC(RMP), retired on May 16, 2010

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