Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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Australian Government Approves $493 Million Procurement Project for M777A2 155mm Howitzers
The Australian Minister for Defence, Senator John Faulkner, today announced that the Government has given Second Pass Approval for a $493 million project to provide the next generation artillery system for the Australian Army.

Libya To Buy Russian Fighter Jets For $1B
Libya is planning to buy more than 20 Russian fighter jets in a billion-dollar arms deal with Moscow, the Interfax news agency reported Oct. 19, citing a military-diplomatic source.
Defense News

A400M buyers discuss extending contract to limit cuts

Buyers of the delayed A400M troop transporter are edging towards a deal that could see deliveries spread over a longer period rather than slashing the number of planes as Airbus had feared, sources close to the talks said.


IED jamming devices 'cause nausea'

Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan are complaining that jamming devices that prevent Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from being detonated by remote control are giving them headaches and making them feel sick. The Dutch military union ACOM has demanded an explanation.

Defence Management

KBR Announces Appointment of International Government and Defence President

KBR has announced that Andrew Pringle has been appointed President of KBR's International Government and Defence business. This business will be responsible for non-North American Government and Defence activities.


700 homes left empty while MOD bickers over carpets

Hundreds of families had to wait months to move into their homes after the Ministry of Defence failed to fit their carpets. At least 700 properties had been empty for five months by August last year because they were awaiting carpets, the Commons Public Accounts Committee has revealed. For every month a property was empty it cost about 400 in lost rent.

The Times

MoD responds to PAC report on Service Family Accommodation

The Public Accounts Committee has today published a report into the Service Family Accommodation (SFA) provided to British forces personnel and their families. Veterans Minister Kevan Jones said: I welcome the committee's recognition that over 90 percent of the SFA properties in the UK are at the top two of our four standards for condition and meet or exceed the Government's Decent Homes Standard.

MoD Press Release

Ongoing Military Operations Propelling $7.8 Billion U.S. Military Airborne Communications Market

Forecast International projects that the U.S. military airborne communications market will be worth more than $7.8 billion from 2009-2018. During this timeframe, the military is expected to purchase some 9,200 airborne communications systems in addition to funding new technology development.


Generals attack BNP for seeking to 'hijack' Armed Forces

Some of the military's most distinguished generals have united to condemn the British National Party's attempts to "hijack" the Armed Forces.

The Telegraph

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