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This competition is open to all post graduate students writing in English as a sole author.

The topic will be "Thinking the unthinkable in defence and security."

The closing date is 1st August 2010.

Essays of between 1500 and 2000 words should be submitted to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by then.

Prize : The winner will be awarded 500, the title of Tim Garden Student 2010, will be invited to lunch with the competition judges in the House of Lords, and the essay will be published and permanently archived on the UK Defence Forum website (www.ukdf.org.uk) The runner-up (Highly Commended) will receive
200, and short-listed entries will be so informed.

All runner-up essays considered to be of suitable quality will be submitted for publication under their author's name in Defence Viewpoints (http://ukdf.blogspot.com) (the Editor's decision being final in such respects)

Credit will be given for originality of thought, structure of argument and clarity of expression. Extensive referencing is neither expected nor desirable.

The judging panel is Baroness Garden of Frognal (U K Defence Forum
Patron); Lord Moonie (former Defence Minister and UK Defence Forum Patron);
Brigadier (retd) Bill Kincaid (founder member of U K Defence Forum, defence
author and Editor of RUSI Defence Systems); Andrew Brookes (Director of The
Air League); Professor Matt Uttley (Dean of Academic Studies at the Defence Academy); Dr Robin Niblett (Director of the Royal Institution of International Affairs, Chatham House) and the Director General of the U K Defence Forum. The results of the judging will be published in Defence Viewpoints.

Entries should be accompanied by a description of the author not exceeding 25 words (potentially for publication); an augmented description including contact details not exceeding 100 words, and an appreciation of Tim Garden not exceeding 150 words. (Which would be published as part of the winning entry. By submitting an essay the author agrees to publication as described above.)


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