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Obituaries in The Times of London and elsewhere

Captain George Hunt RN  DSO and Bar, DSC and Bar 4 July 1916 - 16 August 2011
On of the most succesful and highly decorated submarine commanders, also Mentioned in Despatches

Sqn Ldr John Canning DFC 28 January 1920 - 6 June 2011

Pathfinder navigator on raids against ports, cities, V2 sites, Dresden. Later dropped food into The Netherlands

Lt Col "Joe" Cetre, MC and Bar30 July 1916 - 1 July 2011

Son of French and German immigrants, decorated after Dunkirk and the post-Battle of the Bulge campaign

Flying Officer Geoffrey Fisken DFC 17 February 1916 - 12 June 2011
New Zealander who shot down 7 Japanese deefnding Singapore. Totalled 11 combat victories, one probable, in Pacific

Brigadier David Stileman OBE 9 April 1924 - 24 June 2011
In Normandy on Operation Goodwood; Kenya and Malaya.

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  • ToloNews- 52 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Helmand Operation
    At least 52 Taliban insurgents were killed in the ongoing Qar-e-Maiwand military operation in southern Helmand province, the provincial governor's Office said in a statement on Thursday.
  • KP- 34 ISIS fighters killed during Shaheen-20 operations
    At least 34 loyalists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group were killed during the counter-terrorism operations of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said Thursday that the militants were killed during the Shaheen-20 military operations being conducted by the Afghan forces.
  • KP- Afghan intelligence foil attack on Indian consulate in Nangarhar
    The Afghan intelligence operatives foiled an attack plot by the anti-government armed militant groups on the Indian Consulate in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. The National Directorate of Security (NDS) said two suspects identified as Nasrullah son of Hazrat Bilal and Obaidullah famous as Shina son of Torrkhan were arrested in connection to the attack plot.
  • KP- NDS rescue hostage in Balkh as captors demanded AFN 6 million ransom
    The Afghan intelligence operatives rescued a hostage in northern Balkh province of Afghanistan as the captors demanded AFN 6 million in ransom for his release.
  • ToloNews- 22 Children Killed in Air Raid on Syria School - UNICEF
    Air strikes that hit a school in rebel-held Idlib province in northwest Syria killed 22 children and six teachers, the UN children's agency UNICEF said Wednesday. "This is a tragedy. It is an outrage. And if deliberate, it is a war crime," said UNICEF director Anthony Lake.
  • VOA- US Drone Strike Targets Top al-Qaida Leader in Afghanistan
    A U.S. drone strike this week targeted the top al-Qaida leader in Afghanistan and his deputy, the Pentagon said Wednesday. A U.S. official called Sunday's operation against Faruq al-Qatani and Bilal al-Utabi the most significant al-Qaida strike in Afghanistan in several years.
  • KP- ISIS claims killing 60 Pakistani police cadets in Quetta attack
    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a police academy in Quetta city of Pakistan that left at least 60 dead. The group released a statement following the attack and released the photographs of the three assailants who carried out the attack late on Monday.
  • ToloNews- 21 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Helmand
    At least 21 Taliban insurgents including one of their commanders were killed in ongoing military operations in southern Helmand province, the provincial governor's office said in a statement. The operation was launched almost a week ago in Lashkargah city to clear the insurgents. The group's commander Nazim was also killed on Monday, according to the statement.
  • KP- 10 Daesh Killed in Nangarhar Drone Strike
    At least 10 Daesh insurgents were killed in a foreign troops drone strike in eastern Nangarhar province, local officials said on Tuesday. In addition, four other insurgents were injured. The strike took place in Pacheragam district of the province on Monday night, a spokesman for the provincial governor, Attaullah Khogyani said.
  • KP- ISIS trying to establish a caliphate inside Afghanistan: US General
    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group is attempting to establish a caliphate inside Afghanistan, the top US commander in Afghanistan has said. General John Nicholson who is also in command of the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission (RSM) in Afghanistan has said the majority of the ISIS fighters in Afghanistan are foreigners.

British military casualties - Editorial policy

In the service of our country.

Eulogies for all personnel killed on UK operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere are posted as soon as they have been released by the UK Ministry of Defence. Each eulogy we publish for men down in operations brings a lump to the throat. We are losing the best of the best. Politicians must ensure that, when the newspaper cuttings have faded, their sacrifice has had some meaning, has helped bring about a good result. Anything else would be a waste for which they will be eternally condemned.

There is invariably at least a 24 hour gap between the official release of news of an event and the naming of the dead. This is to allow families to be informed and proper eulogoies to be produced. Occasionally families request no euologies or comment. We abide by guidance we receive on such sensitive matters. We regret that information on those who sacrifice almost as much through grave injury is seldom released by the MoD for operational reasons, and so we are unable to pay tribute.


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