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  • KP- Abducted construction workers killed in southern Afghanistan
    The anti-government armed militants executed four abducted construction workers in southern Afghanistan. According to local government officials, the construction workers were abducted earlier this month in Greshk district of Helmand province.
  • Reuters- Afghanistan says US air strike kills 3 civilians
    A US air strike in eastern Afghanistan has killed three civilians, the Afghan president’s office said on Tuesday. The bombing took place in Khost on Monday night, a statement said. The US-led military coalition ISAF said it was looking into the incident. Air strikes that have killed or wounded hundreds of Afghan civilians are a serious source of tension between the two countries and one of the main reasons President Hamid Karzai has refused to sign an agreement that would allow US forces to stay beyond 2014. “
  • KP- Female MP injured following an attack by a member of Afghan security forces
    The interior ministry of Afghanistan said Wednesday that the female lawmaker Maryam Koofi was injured following a verbal clash with a member of the Afghan national security forces. Interior ministry said the incident took place around 10 pm local time near the residential house of Maryam Koofi.
  • Tolonews- Two Afghan Soldiers and Seven Taliban Killed in Laghman
    Seven Taliban—one of which was the leader—and two Afghan soldiers were killed, while four other insurgents and a policeman were injured in an operation led by Afghan forces in eastern Laghman on Tuesday, local officials said on Wednesday. The operation launched in Alingar district of Laghman early Tuesday and continued through the evening to clear the area of insurgents. During the operation, residents of the Nolamsib valley in the Alingar district rebelled against the insurgents in support of the Afghan forces, Provincial Governor Spokesman Sarhadi Zhwak said.
  • newindianexpress- Afghan Taliban Local Commander Killed, 4 Injured
    Afghan security forces during operations against Taliban militants in the northern Badakhshan province killed a local commander and injured four others, Ahmad Naved Frotan, provincial government spokesman, said Wednesday. "Acting upon intelligence report, the security forces raided a Taliban hideout in Baharak district on late Tuesday night, killing a local Taliban commander named Qari Mahfuzullah and wounding four others," Frotan told Xinhua.
  • KP- Children among 8 killed or injured in Zabul blast
    At least eight civilians including children were killed or injured following an explosion in southern Zabul province of Afghanistan. According to local government officials, the incident took place in Shahr-e-Safa district late Tuesday.
  • McClatchy- Soldier will get Medal of Honor for valor in Afghanistan
    A Charlotte, N.C., man will receive the Medal of Honor for his valor fighting in Afghanistan’s Nuristan province, the White House announced Tuesday. President Barack Obama will present the award to former Army Sgt. Kyle White on May 13 at a White House ceremony.
  • KP- 7 Taliban militants killed, 6 others arrested in Afghan operations
    At least seven Taliban militants were killed and six others were arrested during military operations by Afghan security forces in the past 24 hours. The operations were conducted by Afghan national police in cooperation with the Afghan national army and Afghan intelligence – National Directorate of Security (NDS) operatives, interior ministry said following a statement.
  • Tolonews- Landmine Kills One and Injures Nine in Khost
    On Monday evening one civilian was killed and nine others were injured in a blast caused by a landmine in southern Khost, local officials said on Tuesday. The incident took place in the capital of Khost when a vehicle struck the landmine killing one and injuring nine others, said Provincial Police Chief Faizullah Ghairat
  • nbcnews- Gunmen Kidnap High-Ranking Afghan Official in Broad Daylight
    Gunmen kidnapped a high-ranking Afghan government official in broad daylight from the streets of the country's capital on Tuesday. Deputy Minister of Public Works Ahmad Shah Wahid was removed from his car at gunpoint as he was being driven to work, according to local reports.

British military casualties - Editorial policy

In the service of our country.

Eulogies for all personnel killed on UK operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere are posted as soon as they have been released by the UK Ministry of Defence. Each eulogy we publish for men down in operations brings a lump to the throat. We are losing the best of the best. Politicians must ensure that, when the newspaper cuttings have faded, their sacrifice has had some meaning, has helped bring about a good result. Anything else would be a waste for which they will be eternally condemned.

There is invariably at least a 24 hour gap between the official release of news of an event and the naming of the dead. This is to allow families to be informed and proper eulogoies to be produced. Occasionally families request no euologies or comment. We abide by guidance we receive on such sensitive matters. We regret that information on those who sacrifice almost as much through grave injury is seldom released by the MoD for operational reasons, and so we are unable to pay tribute.


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