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Commodore C J Hockley RN to be promoted Rear Admiral and to be Flag Officer Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland in succession to Rear Admiral M B Alabaster, on September 9, 2011

Commodore M R Darlington RN to be Manpower Utilisation Team Leader (NEM Progrmme) w.e.f. April 2011

Commodore N L Brown RN to be Director, Naval Staff in succession to Commodore R K Tarrant RN w.e.f. August 2011

Commodore P J Thicknesse RN to be Director, Maritime (Defence Concepts and Doctrine Centre) in succession to Commodore M C N Cochrane RN w.e.f. August 2011

Rear Admiral C A Johnstone-Burt OBE to be Director, Counter Narcotics, Combined Joint Interagency Task Force Shfafiyat HQ ISAF w.e.f. 3 May 2011 and Head of British Defence Staff (USA) abd Defence Attache w.e.f. November

Rear Admiral S R Lister OBE, Director General Submarines will also become Chief Naval Engineering Officer in succession to Rear Admiral R T Love w.e.f. 28 June 2011

Captain G A Mackay RN to be promoted Commodore and to be Asst Chief of Staff (Carrier Strike Aviation) in succession to Commodore M W Westwood w.e.f. August 2011

Air Commodore Stuart D Atha DSO to be promote Air Vice-Marshal and to be AOC No 1 Group mw.e.f. 12 Augut 2011 in succession to Air Vice-Marshal G J Bagwell CBE who becomes Chief of Staff Jt Warfare Development ot PJHQ

Air Commodore G J Howard to be promoted Air Vice-Marshal and become ACDS Logistics Operations w.e.f. 27 May 2011 in successiojn to Maj General J S Mason MBE, RM

Air Commodore R Paterson OBE to lead work on military New Employment Model with immediate effect

Air Commodore N P Beet OBE has assumed post of Asst Chief of Staff Personnel Policy (RAF) on 4 April in succession to Air Commodore R Paterson

Air Commodore E J Stringer CBE to be Head Jt Capability w.e.f. 15 July in succession to Air Cdre S D Atha DSO 

Air Commodore S C Evans to be Commandant of the Air Warfare Centre w.e.f. 8 July in succession to Air Cdre E J Stringer

Air Commodore T Winstanley became Asst Chief of Staff Trg HQ No 22 Group on 7 March 2011 in succession to Air Cdre R D Gammage who becomes Defence Technical Training Change Programme Integrated Project Team Leader

Group Captain G D A Parker OBE to be promoted Air Commodore and to be CO RAF Leuchars and Air Officer Scotland in succession to Air Cdre R J Atkinson ADC who is to attend RCDS

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