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Service appointments: February 2011
Royal Navy

Commander R. Wood to be promoted Captain and to be Executive Assistant to Commander in Chief Fleet in succession to Captain D.J.Noyes with effect from February 2011.

Commodore R.R.Best, OBE, to be a member of the Nuclear Governance Study with effect from February 2011.

Commodore the Hon M.C.N.Cochrane, OBE, to be Commodore Portsmouth Flotilla in succession to Commodore M.R.B.Wallace with effect from August 2011.

Captain P.A.Chivers, OBE, to be promoted Commodore and to be Commanding Officer Royal Navy Air Station Yeovilton in succession to Brigadier M.J.D.Noble with effect from March 2011.

Captain J.R.H.Clink, OBE, to be promoted Commodore with effect from May 2011 and to be Deputy Commander UK Maritime Forces in succession to Commodore S.J.Ancona, with effect from June 2011 and then to be Commander Task Force 150 at a date to be confirmed.

Colonel M.L.Smith, MBE, Royal Marines, to be promoted Acting Brigadier and to be Deptuy Director Engagment within the Defence Reform Unit with effect from January 31, 2011.

Captain M.S.Harrison, Royal Navy, to be Chief Staff Officer (Engineer) Surface Ships within Navy Command Headquarters in succession to Captain F.R.Forsey, Royal Navy, with effect from January 25th, 2011.

Captain M.C.Evans, Royal Navy, to be Chief of Staff Maritime Warfare School in succession to Captain A.M.H.Jenkin, Royal Navy with effect from February 15th 2011.

Captain K.E.Blount, Royal Navy, to be Chief of Staff Maritime Battle Staff in succession to Captain P.A.Chivers OBE, Royal Navy, with effect from April 2011.

Captain S.Dainton, Royal Navy, to be to be Captain Navy Plans vice Captain P.J.Titterton, OBE, Royal Navy, with effect from June 2011.

Royal Air Force

Air Commodore R.D.Gammage to be the Defence Technical Training Change Programme Integrated Project Team Leader, Ministry of Defence, on March 1st, 2011, in succession to Brigadier A.D.Harking, OBE.

Group Captain S.J.Kell, to be promoted Air Commodore and to be Deputy Director Legal Services (RAF), Headquarters Air Command on July 14th, 2011, in succession to Air Commodore W.H.Bloothby, who is retiring from the Service.

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