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By our research staff

Today there was a debate in the House of Commons on defence procurement. The briefing for Members comprised the following sources, all of which is in the public domain:

Newspaper articles

(Many of these have been featured in DEFENCENET Daily, and are posted in the U K Defence Forum archive including the links to websites)

The Express on Sunday

12 April 2009

Rivals link up in bids for 4bn UK military air traffic control

The Economist

11 April 2009

Airbus's troubled military transport

Daily Telegraph

8 April 2009

EADS boss says he will push ahead with troubled A400M

Financial Times

31 March 2009

EADS reassures customers over future of A400M

Daily Telegraph

17 March 2009

Deaths put spotlight on Army vehicle

Financial Times

13 March 2009

Warship missile system delayed

Daily Telegraph

5 March 2009

Chinook delays 'cost the lives of soldiers'

Daily Telegraph

2 March 2009

Spend 15bn or risk second rate Army, says report.

Financial Times

14 January 2009

Tougher rules for EU defence deals

Daily Telegraph

26 February 2009

MoD's armoured vehicle plan a fiasco, condemned by MPs

Daily Telegraph

11 December 2008

Navy to rule the waves with most advanced destroyer

Daily Telegraph

26 November 2008

Soldier's lives being put at risk by MoD cost cuts, says brigadier

Press releases

(Similarly, links to news releases can be found in the U K Defence Forum archives)

Royal Navy submarine support secured

An Equipment and Logistics news article

Tuesday 14 Apr 09

Ministry of Defence

A multi-million pound contract has been announced which will ensure the sustainability of future submarine support within the Royal Navy. A multi-million pound contract

Monday 6 April 2009 15:38

Ministry Of Defence (National)

New breed of Mastiff on order for Army

Friday 3 April 2009 10:38

Ministry Of Defence (National)

Husky under starters' orders

Tuesday 31 March 2009 11:18

Ministry Of Defence (National)

560m contract signed for Naval Base support

Friday 27 March 2009 11:55

Ministry Of Defence (National)

Super digger ordered for Royal Engineers

Monday 23 March 2009 10:55

Ministry Of Defence (National)

80m sub-contracts for Queen Elizabeth class Aircraft Carriers

Wednesday 18 March 2009 16:01

Ministry Of Defence (National)

Striking a deal: UK purchases supersonic Stealth jets

Parliamentary Questions

Date of Answer: 30.03.2009

Column References: 490 c896W


Date of Answer: 30.03.2009

Column References: 490 c875W


Date of Answer: 25.03.2009

Column References: 490 c439W


Written Ministerial Statements

Date of Proceeding: 18.03.2009

Reference: 489 c53-4WS

Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft

Answering Department: Ministry of Defence

Lead Member: Hutton, John


Date of Proceeding: 26.02.2009

Reference: 488 c29WS

Defence Technology Plan

Answering Department: Ministry of Defence

Lead Member: Davies, Quentin


Early day motions

EDM 1072 2008/09

12 March 2009



EDM 660 2008/09

3 March 2009



EDM 101 2008/09

3 December 2008



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