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1.      The Operational Honours and Awards list 36 covers a period between April and October, 2010 and April 2010. There have been over 130 citations, mostly from Operation Herrick 12 in Afghanistan, but includes awards from outside of the conflict.
2.      For more information on the Awards, their history and meaning please see the MOD website:
3.      For more information contact MOD press officers Damien Elvin 0207218 2661
4.      Please see below, selection of citations
5.      Supporting imagery from Herrick 12 is available on the dni website at  If you require a log-in and password, please contact Neil Hall or Panay Triantafillides on 0207 218 6401.

A selection of citations are below:

Serial 09:




Company Commander

Afghanistan, Apr - Sep 10

Major Totten has shown consistent, determined and outstanding leadership of a large Company Group in probably the busiest and most dangerous Company area in Sangin. His determination and seemingly limitless supply of courage ensured a strong, cohesive and operationally very effective Company where his dispersed and challenging command has been considerably tested by constant enemy action. Often leading patrols himself, knowing the significant risk to his life, proved pivotal in maintaining the fighting spirit of his men. Without support from the Afghan Army or Police, he assumed the responsibility of local engagement
himself. Quick to grasp the complexities and frictions of his area he fostered meaningful relationships, gaining their trust and support, despite incessant intimidation by the Taliban. Totten's management of unfounded allegations of civilian casualties through International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) action was text book; he investigated thoroughly, communicated widely, and publicly exposed Taliban propaganda. Totten never once lost the confidence of the people he was sent to protect, further testimony to his absolute and convincing command. The raw, patient yet decisive leadership shown by Totten was remarkable, continually tested he inspired the men in his charge, isolated from his Patrol Bases on Sangin's front line. His composed and unflinching leadership proved essential in holding a defensive line that required an extraordinary degree of resolve and immense bravery.

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A major theme of DVD 2010 will be Lightening the load the 21st century soldier has to carry. Colonel Peter Rafferty outlines a coherent approach to providing the range of a soldier's capabilities.

A newly-formed group has pledged to continue "pushing the boundaries of technology" in its quest to develop new kit for soldiers. The Personal Combat Equipment team, set up in April having formerly been an element of the Defence Clothing team, is responsible for delivering equipment perfectly tailored to the rigours of current operations. It now sits in the Individual Capability Group in Land Equipment. Col Peter Rafferty, the team's leader and an infantry officer recently returned from a long tour in Afghanistan, said he and his colleagues are constantly striving to reduce the burden on dismounted troops by coming up with lighter, better integrated gear.

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The following is a brief overview of notable developments over the last year regarding the assembly of the Royal Navy's biggest ships.

7 JULY 2009
Ceremonial steel cutting.
A major milestone was achieved when the Princess Royal performed the first cutting of steel on HMS Queen Elizabeth. The ceremony took place at BAES' facility in Govan and was attended by hundreds of dignitaries from the Armed Forces, politicians from Westminster and the Scottish Parliament, members and employees of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, industry stakeholders as well as employees and some apprentices from BAE and Babcock.

First shipment from Babcock's shipyard in Appledore.

The first sponson units were successfully delivered from Appledore to Rosyth, this being the first shipment for the Queen Elizabeth Class from Appledore. The sponson units make up the overhanging upper hull structure.

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The following service appointments have been announced:


Lieutenant-General Sir Nick Parker, KCB, CBE, Late Royal Green Jackets, currently Deputy Commander International Security Assistance Force and United Kingdom National Contingent Commander – Afghanistan, to be Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, in the rank of General, in succession to General Sir John McColl, KCB, CBE, DSO, in February 2011.

Major-General T.P. Evans, DSO, MBE, Late Light Infantry, currently Chief of Staff Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, to be Chief of Staff International Security Assistance Force Joint Command – Afghanistan, in succession to Major-General C. J. Boag, CBE, in December 2010.

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Major-General C. J. Boag, CBE, Late Corps of Royal Engineers, currently Chief of Staff Headquarters International Security Assistance Force Joint Command—Afghanistan, 7 to be General Officer Commanding 4th Division, in succession to Major-General R. L Kirkland, CBE, in May 2011.

Brigadier T. A. Beckett, CBE, Late Parachute Regiment, currently Director Commitments, Headquarters Land Forces, to be Deputy Commander Nato Rapid Deployment Corps — Italy, in the rank of major-general, in succession to Major-General D. A. Capewell, OBE, Royal Marines, in July 2010.

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The following service appoitnments and retirements have been announced:

Senior Army retirements


P. E. O'R-B. Davidson-Houston, Late RGBW, retired on December 16, 2009

S. F. Sherry, Late RE, retired on January 30, 2010

J. A. S. Downes, Late RLC, retired on April 2, 2010

I. Cameron-Mowat, Late R Signals, retired on April 22, 2010

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The Ministry of Defence has announced titles and assumed precedence:

Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP - Secretary of State for Defence
Nick Harvey MP - Minister for the Armed Forces
Gerald Howarth MP - Minister for International Security Strategy
Andrew Robathan MP - Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans
Lord Astor of Hever - Under Secretary of State for Defence (spokesman in Lords)
Peter Luff MP - Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology


Lieutenant-General J. J. C. Bucknall, CBE, Late Coldstream Guards, whose appointment to be Commander Allied Rapid Reaction Corps in August 2010 has been announced, to be Deputy Commander International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan, in succession to Lieutenant-General Sir Nick Parker, KCB, CBE, in November 2010.

Brigadier C. Chapman (Late Parachute Regiment), currently Head of Counter Terrorism and UK Operations, Ministry of Defence, to be Senior British Military Adviser United States Central Command, in the rank of Major-General, in succession to Air Vice-Marshal G. E. Stacey, MBE, in September 2010.

Royal Marines

Major General D. A. Capewell, OBE, to be appointed Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Operations) in succession to Air Vice Marshal A. D. Pulford, CBE, RAF, with effect from August 23, 2010

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Today the UK Treasury announced that two projects were being suspended pending urgent review.

1. Successor deterrent extension to concept phase long lead items £66 million. Its future will be included in the Trident value for money review.

2. The biggie - the joint MoD/Department of Transport Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter, announced with some fanfare a few months back. Cost (lifetime cost?) £4676 million from MoD, £2338 million from Department for Transport. This single project makes up the bulk of the £8 billion suspensions. Its review is said to be a matter of urgency.

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Royal Air Force

Air Marshal S. Bryant, CBE, to be promoted Air Chief Marshal and to be Commander-in-Chief Air Command and Air Aide-de-Camp to Her Majesty The Queen with immediate effect, in succession to the late Air Chief Marshal Sir Christopher Moran KCB, QBE, MVO.ADC.

Air Vice-Marshal A. D. Pulford, CBE to be promoted Air Marshal and to be Deputy Commander-in-Chief (Personnel) Headquarters Air Command and the Air Member for Personnel from September 1, 2010, in succession to Air Marshal S. Bryant, CBE.

Air Vice-Marshal R. F. Garwood, CB, CBE, DFC, to be promoted Air Marshal and to be Deputy Commander-in-Chief (Operations) Headquarters Air Command with immediate effect, in succession to Air Marshal I. W. McNicoll, CB, CBE, who is retiring from the Service.

Air Vice-Marshal M. G. Lloyd is appointed Acting Deputy Commander-in-Chief (Personnel) and the Air Member for Personnel with immediate effect until September 1, 2010.


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