Monday, 18 January 2021
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The level of violence in Helmand Province recently has been lower than in previous months because of Ramadan and Eid. As a consequence, British forces have made progress with small projects which make a difference to the lives of local people.

A Shura Room has been opened in the Chah-e-Anjr South in which local meetings will be held. Pens, pencils and books were presented to local children and radios to village elders.

A Village Development Committee has been established at Paind Kalay. Village elders have to take the lead, but they are being helped with advice and guidance initially.

Four projects were started in the Shaghi area to employ local people, including a 10 day irrigation ditch scheme and some force protection measures that included paying compensation for removing some trees.

About 140 men attended a Shura (meeting) in Chah-e-Anjr and filming was permitted for the first time.

Firemen of the Lashkar Gah Fire Brigade were presented with certificates to mark their rapid response to a fire in a military vehicle.

There are now over 300 stalls in the Nad-e Ali District Centre.

90 solar powered street lamps have been installed in and around Sangin Bazaar by an Afghan civilian contractor who is training 10 men to maintain them. Because this improves security, shopkeepers are staying open later. The mayor and elders chose trhe locations so they are shared amongst different tribal elements.

A new bridge has been opened in Basharan, central Helmand, by the Mayor of Lashkar Gah considered to be a key presence. It was built by local contractors and British soldiers.

Afghan soldiers are being given computer training and literacy tuition in addition to military skills at the Shoborak Training Centre.

A military bridge has been installed at the Char-e Anjir Mandah wadi for civilian use. It should be above winter flood level. It is a key part of Route Trident which connects Lashkar Gah to Nareh-Saraj.

A new shelved Evidence Room has been built for the Chief Prosecutor and his staff at Lashkar Gah National Directorate of Security.

Meanwhile in Kandahar, the plan is to double electricity output over the next 6-9 months by installing diesel generators. In the longer term solar and micro hydro generators will be installed. Fruit is grown in the vicinity, along the River Arghandab. Investment is planned in packing and juicing so it can be sold more widely.

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