An index of U K Defence Viewpoints SixtySecondSoundbites (video clips) on Youtube (filmed by 17dragonsphotography )

UKDF mackinlay ashraf
Andrew Mackinlay, (now former) MP, on Camp Ashraf

UKDF mackinlay gaza
Andrew Mackinlay (now former)MP on Gaza

UKDF Lord Astor
Lord Astor of Hever on the care of injured servicepeople

UKDF Ted Graham
Lord Graham of Edmonton on National Service during World War II

UKDF Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller MP on the Royal Navy & the Sea Cadets

UKDF Andrew Mackinlay war graves
Andrew Mackinlay, (now former) MP for Thurrock; a personal view of
the Commonwealth War Graves

UKDF Andrew Mackinlay Iran
Andrew Mackinlay, (now former)MP for Thurrock, on the implications of a nuclear-capable Iran

UKDF Claire Curtis-Thomas
The (now former) MP for Crosby on helicopter capabilities

UKDF Ian Godden
The (now former) Chairman of ADS on the Defence Green Paper

UKDF RAF Sir Rob Wright
The (now former) Controller of the RAF Benevolent Fund on the service charity's work

UKDF James Gray
James Gray MP on the ceremonies at Wootton Bassett

UKDF Andrew Murrison
Dr Andrew Murrison MP on UAVs

UKDF 19 Light Brigade
Welcome Home at Parliament for 19 Light Brigade

UKDF Gisela Stuart
Gisela Stuart MP on the work of the Royal College for Defence Medicine at Selly Oak Hospital

UKDF Afghan Ambassador
The Afghan Ambassador to UK on President Obama's new strategy

UKDF Angus Robertson
Angus Robertson MP - Scotland's defence anomaly

UKDF Angus Robertson MP
Angus Robertson MP - Devolution and Defence

RAF Merlin Helicopter
Video Copyright Ministry of Defence 2009

UKDF Arbuthnot HCDC
Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP, Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, on the Committee's work

UKDF James Arbuthnot
Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP, Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, on the role of helicopters

UKDF Willie Rennie
Willie Rennie (now former) MP on the need for the Carriers

Remembrance Day in the bloodiest year in Afghanistan

UKDF Neil Turner
Neil Turner, MP for Wigan, on Wigan Veterans' Centre

UKDF Kevan Jones
(Now former) Minister for Veterans, speaking on through life support for UK Armed Forces