Our correspondent on Exercise Cougar, champing at the bit after being cooped up on one of the remaining HM ships, writes in between tan topping up

cly stating that this Libyan action is not sustainable. There;'s nothing new in that, although maybe it's not the wisest public statement to make given the situation ongoing. It's a bit late in the day to argue that the scrapping of the Ark Royal and its aircraft was wrong - just a wee bit too late for regrets. Seller's remorse?
The use of marines and paras always have a relative time limit to achieve their  objectives before supplies and support run out,  but then that's normally carefully considered in the first instance. (We call that Strategic Planning. But it does slightly qualify the statements of those who promote the utility of mobile forces)

That lot ashore must be having a great laugh at NATO's quandaries, especially now they know some of our gallant European allies are having to "borrow"materiel from the Americans.