President Obama is in London. His talks with Prime Minister Cameron encompass declared defence initiatives. Next ; G20 in France
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is also in London, so diplomatic activities are possible. Foreign Secretary Hague "It is necessary to intensify militray, economic and diplomatic pressure on Gaddafi"
The UK is reported to be sending fuel, food, munitions to the Mediterranean.
An Apache attack helicopter based on HMS Ocean in the Mediterranean has conducted first ever live firing exercises of its chain gun and Hellfire missiles. The MoD declines to comment on whether the practice targets were on land or water.
UK Royal Marines are getting very fed up with "floating in a tin can" off Cyprus and are anxious for activity
The USA's newest carrier, USS George H W Bush, and its escort group, is currently in the Western Approaches. Its mission includes deployment through the Suez Canal
MPs are saying that their visits to UK forces deployed on Op Cougar in the Mediterranean have been cancelled. NATO reports rate of strikes has increased, and more targets around Tripoli appear to be hit
All of which adds up to...........a heap of straws? Or do you not need a weather man to know which way the wind blows?