EDA and ESA Commission UAV Studies
The European Defence Agency (EDA) and the European Space Agency (ESA) have each commissioned a feasibility study on using satellite communications and navigation to guide UAVs safely through commercial airspace.
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General Dynamics UK and Defence Support Group sign FRES SV agreement
General Dynamics UK and the MoD's Defence Support Group (DSG) have signed a high-level agreement on the FRES Specialist Vehicle (SV) programme. The Memorandum of Understanding would see substantial work taking place at DSG's Donnington facilities and become the basis for a long-term relationship in support of the UK's defence industrial capabilities.
General Dynamics Press Release

Iraq and Afghanistan wearing down the military, MPs warn
Conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are leaving the armed forces ill equipped to undertake any new operations, MPs have warned. Britain's forces need a period of "effective recuperation" after operating at a rate well above official planning assumptions, a report by the Commons defence committee says today.
The Guardian

Wounded Afghanistan troops leave hospitals 'stretched'
Hospitals in Afghanistan and the UK are under pressure from the large number of troops injured in Helmand province, a National Audit Office report has said. The spending watchdog said the Helmand field hospital was close to capacity.
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Private firm to run search and rescue helicopters
A major shake-up of the UK's search and rescue helicopter service has been announced by the government. The 24-hour service will be run by private consortium Soteria from 2012, from 12 bases across the UK.
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