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Backgrounder on Rt Hon Jim Murphy - Shadow Defence Secretary (Labour)
"Eager beaver clumsy super-loyalist"

43 years old, born in Glasgow. Roman Catholic, married with two songs and a daughter. Moved to South Africa during teenage years and returned to England for higher education at University of Strathclyde.

Early Career
President of NUS Scotland 1992-1994, then President of NUS 1994-1996 (during university sabbatical, did not return to finish degree). Was member of National Organisation of Labour Students during this time

Commons Career
East Renfrewshire (was Eastwood), Tory safe seat - 3,236 maj. 1997 - 2010
Public Accounts Committee 2000 - 2001
Served as government whip, with responsibilities for Scotland 2002
Parliamentary Secretary at the Cabinet Office 2005 - 2006

Ministerial Career
Minister of State for Employment and Welfare Reform 2006 - 2007
Responsible for employment, welfare reform and child poverty
Minister for Europe 2007 - 2008
Also responsible for Central Asia, NATO and Russia and the UK's Public Diplomacy.
Took the European Union Amendment Bill through Parliament
Labour Minister of the Year 2008 (House Magazine)!
Secretary of State for Scotland 2008 - 2010
Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland 2010
Shadow Secretary of State for Defence 2010

Commons Voting Key Areas
Very Strongly Stricter asylum, Iraq war, foundation hospitals, ID cards, anti-terrorism laws, more EU integration

Strongly Hunting ban, top-up fees
Moderately Replacing trident, smoking ban, transparent Parliament, gay rights, removing hereditary peers
Moderately Against Stopping climate change, autonomy for schools, wholly elected lords
Very Strongly Against Investigation into Iraq war

Parliamentary Questions Key Areas
Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Scotland, Treasury, Defence, Northern Ireland
Afghanistan, Middle East, Aircraft Carriers, Scotland

Registered Interests
Honorary Golf club membership for 2009

Ranked 124/647 for expenses. Had no London costs since 05/06, fairly standard costs. Very high office running costs (8th) last year but nothing else.