Viewpoints sends its support to Corporal Tomos Stringer who had to spend a night sleeping in his car after been turned down for a room at a hotel because he was military personnel.

The MoD is now demanding an explanation to why Corp. Stringer was denied a room at the Metro hotel, Surrey. One Sunday night in June this year he attempted to book a room at the hotel and after showing his military ID he was informed that military staff were 'not welcome.'

The defence ministry said Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth had written to the hotel demanding an explanation for the way it treated Stringer, who was on leave at the time suffering from a broken wrist sustained in Afghanistan. Stringer has since returned to Afghanistan, where Britain has 7,800 troops as part of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force.

The hotel has apologised today but it remains to be scene the reason why Corp Stringer was rejected and the thinking behind the policy.