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money laundering

The Russian Deep State, deep pockets and Transnational Organised Crime ľ are the Israeli links being missed? By Euan Grant

An important features of the relationships between the ex - Soviet States and The West is that many persons in these states are entitled to multiple citizenships across the ex -Soviet States and beyond. Political and business elites in the former soviet States do make use of this, and so do their criminal counterparts. The significance of such use is often seriously underestimated by western governments and law enforcement and financial regulatory agencies.

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Afghan News Roundup, 24 December 2012: Part Oneácompiled by Elayne Jude, Great North News Service

Cruel Winter on the way

Life in winter in Afghan's internal refugee camps is a struggle to survive. Last winter, at least 42 people died of exposure or starvation in makeshift camps on Kabul's perimeters, according to the Afghan Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations. The French aid group Solidarites International estimates more than 100 children died.

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