Promotions and retirements

On the up

Lt General SV (Simon) Mayall CB - Middle East Adviser May 2011

Lt General R L (Richard) Barrons CBE - DCDS (Ops) May 2011

Lt General A J Bradshaw CB, OBE - Deputy Commander ISAF Nov 2011 (succeeds Lt Gen J J C Bucknall CBE)

Maj General The Duke of Westminster KG, OBE, TD to be Deputy Commander Army Reserves May 2011

Maj General T P Evans DSO, MBE to be Commandant RMA Sandhurst April 2012 (succeeds Maj General P C Marriott CBE)

Maj General J R Everard CBE - ACGS April 2011

Maj General Chris Deverell MBE to be promoted Lt General and Chief of Materiel (Land) w.e.f. May 2012 (succeeds Lt General G R Coward)

Maj General J G (John) Lorimer DSO, MBE - GOC 3rd (UK) Division June 2011(succeeds Maj General J R Everard CBE)

Maj General N A W Pope CBE - CDS Strategic Comms Officer June 2011

Maj General T B (Tim) Radford DSO, OBE - Chief of Staff HQ ISAF Dec 11

Rear Admiral D L Potts Cdr UK Maritime Forces also to be Rear Admiral Surface Ships 12 July 11 (succeeds rear Admiral C A Snow CBE)

Brigadier C J Thackray - Asst Commandant (Land) Joint Servics Command and Staff College - August 2011

Brigadier J R Patterson - Head of Capability Ground Manoeuvre, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Capability) - September 2011

Brigadier J R (James) Chiswell - Head of Overseas Operations, Operations Directorate June 2011

Brigadier R P Stearns RM - Head of Defence Support Chain Operations and Movements

Brigadier M L Smith MBE - Deputy Director Engagement (Defence Reform Unit)

Commodore S J Ancona - U K Maritime Component Commander wef Nov 2011 (succeeds Commodore T P Fraser)

Commodore M R B Wallace - Naval Assistant ot the Naval Secretary wef Sept 2011 (succeeds Commodore D J R Dickens OBE)

Surgeon Commodore A S Hughes - Asst Chief of Staff (Medical) Navy Command wef July 2011 (succeeds Surgeon Commodore N S Bevan QHP)

Commodore S W Braham - Head of Destroyers DES (succeeds Commodore S B Brunton)

Commodore M P Bullock MBE - Asst Chief os Staff (Logistics) Navy Command wef July 2011 (succeeeds Commodore D J Marsh)

Cdre J H J Gower OBE - to be Dep Commnadant Jt Services Command (succeeds Cdre K Winstanley)

Cdre R K Tarrant to attend RCDS

Air Marshall S J Hilier CBE, DFC - DCDS (Capability) from June 12 (succeeds Vice Admiral P Lambert)

Air Cdre C Basnett CBE to be Head of Eqt Planning May 2011 (succeeds Brig N A W Pope)

Air Cdre M A Clark - Head of Cert Divn in Military Aviation Authority June 2011

Air Cdre P R Ewen - Head Air ISTAR (succeeds Air Cdre M A Clark) 

Leaving with thanks

Brigadier A D Harking June 8th
Brigadier R Beattie 14 June